We are thankful for the sacrificial giving of our members and friends who support the mission of Minco FBC. Part of being a member at Minco is giving financially to fund the mission of the Church. If you are not a member, we don’t expect you to give.


It takes only a minute to set up and a recurring check draft or using a credit/debit card is the most efficient way to give consistently.  

Give at Church

While we support and encourage online giving, we do pass the plate during service. The traditional method is available each Sunday morning. 

Financial Statments 

If you have any questions about giving at Minco or if you would like an early financial statment provided to you (prior to our year-end mailout), please email us at bobbie@mincofbc.com.

Contributions to exisiting designated funds are welcome. The church is not bound to honor specific suggestions for that fund - should the church vote to close a fund, the remaining balance will be under the discretion of the church / stewardship committee.